Our History


Green Creek Hounds, founded in 1988 by Peg Secor, is known for its fine sport and welcoming atmosphere. Peg’s husband, Dick Secor, joined the effort in 1989 and John Burgess in early 1990. Seeing the need for a skilled hunter for the varied terrain, the team invited Jefferson "Tot’ Goodwin to come to Polk County and help the three Masters. In 1990, Goodwin became the Green Creek Huntsman, and Green Creek Hounds was accepted by the MFHA. John Burgess and Dick Secor served until the mid-nineties. Mike Sheils joined Green Creek Hounds as a Master in the 90's. When he resigned Nan Hull and Pat Hale became Masters. Peg Secor named Tot Goodwin Master in 1997 and he served as both Huntsman and Master for 21 years. Nan Hull resigned in 1999 and moved to Germany. Peg Secor stepped down in 2000.

Pat Hale handled most aspects of the growing hunt for three years, she and Tot working alone until Tom Jackson came on board as a Master in 2000. Tom took on the financial end of things and helped Pat with the social matters. Roger Smith, the hunt’s largest land owner, listening to needs and finding solutions, joined the group of Masters in 2007. Tom and Roger served until August, 2011. Pat stayed on until the end of the 2011/12 season, then joined Tom and Roger in retirement.

Tot, Pat, Tom, and Roger appointed Kem Ketcham, Christi Fowler and Deborah Bundy Masters in August of 2011.  Kem, Christi and Deborah served as Masters until March 2019.  When they retired they appointed the new masters Anna Dalton, Anne Troppmann and Donald ( DJ) Jefferis Jr.  In March 2018  Jefferson "Tot" Goodwin retired  as Master and Huntsman of Greencreek Hounds and David Raley was appointed as huntsman.  The  original kennels on Sandy Plains Rd were replaced with a new building in a new location  at 6689 Poors Ford Rd Columbus NC,  in Green Creek.

Jefferson "Tot " Goodwin,  MFH and Huntsman  and wife Colleen,  Secretary  retired March 2018.