About Us

Green Creek Hounds has an active social and riding membership and is busy almost all year long. The club participates in five or six joint meets a season and welcomes visitors. The hunting season begins in mid-July. This early season lasts until Opening Hunt in November; the formal season continues through February. Early season/cubbing attire is polos for the hot months and ratcatcher come October. In addition to early season and formal season hunting, we have fall and spring hunter paces, spring trail rides and summer mounted hound walks. We provide ample opportunities to introduce you and your horse to hunting with Green Creek Hounds.

Formal season begins with Opening Hunt and lasts through February. Proper formal attire is encouraged on weekends, and ratcatcher on weekdays during formal season. The pack established beginning the 2018-19 season consists of Pennmarydel hounds. Fields are kept close to the huntsman so that all can view hound work. Green Creek's Charter extends over thousands of acres through Polk and Cleveland Counties in North Carolina and Greenville and Union Counties in South Carolina. The hunt country is a medley of terrain with views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The terrain is hilly and consists of woodlands, farmland, and is drained by numerous creeks and streams. Jumps consist of coops and logs. All are optional. The territory holds native red and gray fox, coyote and bobcat. A well-behaved, fit horse is recommended for the territory.

In addition to mounted activities, there are many social activities, including a series of catered dinners at the club house during non-hunting months; a formal hunt ball, an informal summer hunt week including an informal "ball," hunt breakfasts, breakfasts in the field, informal "Stanley circles" where members bring food to share after hunting and even kayaking on the Green River and Lake Lure in summer.