2014 Carolinas Hound Show Results

Unentered Crossbred Dog 2nd Rattler 4th Oscar
Unentered CB Couple 1st Ratter & Rufus 3rd Rambler & Rainer
Performance Class reserve champion Bridgette
English Ring
Single Entered Bitch 2nd Barbara
Brood Bitch 2nd Ransom
Brood Bitch with Produce 1st Ransom with Banker & Bankrupt
Entered Single Dog 1st Bankrupt 3rd Banker (2nd place went to the littermate we gave to the owner of the sire)
Entered Couple 1st Banker & Bankrupt
English Dog Champion Bankrupt
English Foxhound Champion
Grand Champion Foxhound Bankrupt
Then we won the pack class
Jada Lee- won 3rd in Junior Handler
Tot Goodwin MFH, Colleen Goodwin, Kat Dooley, Barbra Cederval,Susane Brown,Joey Cabiness,John Bohlayer

2014 Virginia Hound Show Results

Couple of Crossbred Dogs Unentered
4th Rattler and Rufus
Single Unentered Crossbred Bitch
5th Ruby
Single Crossbred Bitch
4th Dawn
Single English Dog Entered
1st Banker
3rd Bankrupt
Couple of English Dogs Entered
1st Banker & Bankrupt
Banker was Reserve Champion English Dog Hound
There were 591 hounds and 42 hunts represented.